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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Dirty Disco (Whoregeous Mix). Driving 4 on the floor Disco. Digital keyboard instrumental breaks and sequences

    Dirty Disco (Whoregeous Mix) #2
  • A short uptempo pop rock band track with acoustic guitar leads.

  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Debauchery. A short old cabaret style or Vaudeville song. A fun filled song of celebration. Very tongue in cheek with great anticipation for what's coming next.

    Debauchery #2
  • Electronic scales setting a floating notion which gets stronger as it passes.

    Daybreak in Vietnam
  • Pulsing mid-tempo beat sets the tone for a strong lead guitar melody. A harder edge creating an almost punkabilly surf

    Dawn Patrol
  • Maybe not all that dangerous...(last words spoken.) This slow electronic walking groove certainly has a chip in its shoulder.

    Dark Mean Beat
  • Something nasty this way comes. Tension-raising orchestral soundtrack.

    Dark Haze
  • A punchy mid-tempo Hard Rock surf track.

    Daredevil Surf
  • These floating guitars and piano lead the way to create a trance atmosphere.

    Dare To Dream
  • A mid-tempo pulsing beat with ethereal keyboard layers and interspersed distorted bass solos.

    Dancing Tunnel of Light
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