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  • Traditional garage rock.

    Off My Mind
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Forgotten Love. R&B flavoured 70s – 80s rock with sax.

    Forgotten Love #2
  • Roadhouse material. Slow with smoking guitar and harmonica.

    Powerhouse Blues
  • Chicago boogie with harmonica at a fast beat.

    Shaky Shuffle
  • Slow Funk Rock track.

    Funky Em
  • An Acid Funk horn band providing some good times.

    The Lurch
  • Here he comes. Armed with funk horns and organ.

    Ladies Man
  • A mid-tempo soul groove with surf guitar.

    Hunting Jesus
  • Acid Jazz featuring trumpet. Perfect for those hazy scenarios.

  • We're putting that telecaster to work to the tune of some NYC guitar Funk in a mid-tempo setting.

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