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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Don’t. 80’s rock.

    Don't #2
  • An uptempo piano Salsa. I see a light playful chase between two or more people.

    Dog And Drum
  • It’s a percussive-led groove. Those are the facts.

    Documenting Truth
  • A mid-tempo background ambient piece perfect for documentaries or science-based content. Just the like the title suggests.

  • Progressive Hard Rock with atmospheric beginning and verses. Power choruses ensue. 

    Docking With Jesus
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Do You Feel (Like You Want To). Ballad with a reflective nature.

    Do you Feel Like You Want To #2
  • Jazz guitar with small traditional combo band. Nice light melody setting a pleasant mood. If Django Reinhardt were to play a gig in Beverly Hills, this would be one of the tunes. A bouncy, high-society piece reminiscent of the lush lifestyle of the rich and famous. A perfect background track for any high-end fashion, food, location or night-life. Here's to the good life.

    Django On Rodeo Drive
  • Progressive Hard Rock featuring mandolin and lead guitar.

  • A Progressive Hard Rock ballad?

  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Dirty Disco. Driving 4 on the floor Disco beat. Digital keyboard instrumental breaks and sequences. Alternate mix version: Dirty Disco (Whoregeous Mix) #2.

    Dirty Disco #2
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