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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Strange Summer (Some Are So Strange). Strong medium Rock groove with a trombone and sax solo section.

    Strange Summer (Some Are So Strange) #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Strangers. Country ballad.

    Strangers #2
  • As the title suggests, a driving and grinding big band theme reminiscent of the old-style 1920s and 1930's American Burlesque shows. A great music cue for a scene of that period or for a parody comedy scene. Also, a funny commercial showing something being "taken off." Pole dancing, flirty fun sweet, Burlesque Jazz

  • Organ and bass groove in the inner-city.

  • Whether driving to the market, mowing the lawn, barbecuing, kids on bikes or tending the garden, life in the suburbs is a contented and upbeat existence. This orchestral track illustrates it musically. Lots of comings and goings with some comedic elements that connect the various 'chores'. A busy orchestra from the start with stops and starts, dynamics and grace. The journey to work, daily routines, casual strolling visuals all suit this track.

    Suburban Chores
  • This ultra-quick explosive guitar blast suddenly stops as it suddenly starts.

    Sudden Shiver
  • Cello and koto-led soundtrack score.

    Suki's Dreaming
  • Acid trip with a percussive rhythm underneath a long keyboard drone.

    Summer Freedom Groove Trip
  • A slow melody led by the slide guitar. Happy times as the summer breeze hits your face.

    Summer Night Breeze
  • Reluctant acoustic guitar with synth pad loop. Rhythm section starts half-way.

    Sun And Wine
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