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  • The flute, guitar and percussion bring forth a mid-tempo cheery piece.

    Quiet Snow
  • A slow soft inspirational ambient composition featuring strings, piano and guitar.

  • This unsettling track features a slow futuristic beat, sound bites, and an intro monologue. Give way to the machine.

    Comfort Zone
  • Slow 80s-90s radio friendly ambient ballad.

  • 80s Pop ballad flavour.

    Come Back
  • These floating guitars and piano lead the way to create a trance atmosphere.

    Dare To Dream
  • Dramatic score or documentary background. The decision is suspended.

    Suspended Animation
  • Piano motif with old school sound designs.

    Nature Lab
  • A solo piano leads the listener on this unhappy journey.

    Waiting For The Rain
  • The title says it all.

    Lovely Morning
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