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  • Flutes, mandolin and acoustic guitar get together for this background atmospherical piece.

    Classically Windy
  • Percussion and flute beginning with more Asian instruments added over orchestra with vocal chanting. An emotional Japanese style theme inspired by the children of Hiroshima singing and presenting paper cranes in Peace Park. Perfect for any visual showing Japanese children, Japanese innocence, Japanese tradition or a commercial music bed that calls for an Asian flavor. Children vocals included.

  • 12 string electric guitar melody sits front and center over a 60's dance tune. Great flashback track for a scene 50+ years ago. Post war teenagers.

    Twelve Year Surf Itch
  • Dark Western surf theme over a minor chord giving the impression of danger is about to happen. A slower more cautious feel to the playing.

    Wasaga Showdown
  • Roadhouse material. Slow with smoking guitar and harmonica.

    Powerhouse Blues
  • Echoed flute setting a spiritual mood over sound effect designs which then turn into a slow dark groove.

    Indian Summer Flute
  • Uptempo big brass show band playing jazz swing and featuring trombone and trumpet solos. A modern Big Band Jazz track that swings with a hard-hitting melody and rhythm featuring a trombone, trumpet, and two tenor sax solos. Great for a jazzy underscore or a movie scene with a big band. Could also be a theme song for a hip, jazzy open. Jazz, Swing Big Band

    Back Fo Mo
  • Very fast-paced surf melody and groove. More light a car race than a surf ride. Staccato melody takes you through the twists and turns.

    Boss Sled
  • Angry guitar over hypnotic beat.

    Beat Space Nine
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Peace. Gospel style waltz.

    Peace #2
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