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  • Mid-tempo tune indicative of its title.

    Slow 20's Blues
  • A joyful 20s-30s piano and clarinet duo.

    Clarinet Blues
  • A bit of lounge music for your listening pleasure.

    Alone At The Piano
  • Flute and percussion mix it up to bring forth mystery and discovery.

    African Snake
  • Dark ominous score with a triumphant ending.

  • Free-flowing and lazy acoustic guitar and harmonica.

    Clouds Obscure The Moon
  • An instrumental MOR Pop song.

    Trick Of The Trade
  • A yeoman folk instrumental.

    Sister Moon
  • A happy reflective folk ballad score.

    When We Were Children
  • Then let’s do lunch. (With a side of easy Salsa with clarinet.)

    Beautiful Day
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