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  • Heavy guitars in the background, tremolo atmospheric ones in the foreground. They meet up in a mid-tempo mix.

  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Forgotten Love. R&B flavoured 70s – 80s rock with sax.

    Forgotten Love #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Forever Black. Irish Folk Rock with a traditional feel.

    Forever Black #2
  • A light ensemble of acoustic instruments performing a concert with roots of Appalachian folk. Imagine an acoustic performance at the local town hall or church by the local musicians who play the ukulele, bass flute, violin, upright bass, and washboard. This track is right from such a performance. Perfect for a folksy underscore, commercial cue, background music or movie trailer. Folk, Appalachian Folk

    Folksy Consort
  • Swirling piano and flute melody floating over a soft orchestra getting slightly larger as it goes through the track. If a frolicking fish could have a soundtrack, this would be it. Swirling and fluid with lots of movement. Perfect for underwater fantasy and fun. Could also be a reflective and dreamy underscore or even a theme song. The mix is easily editable with a nice arch in the middle.

    Flying Through Water
  • Echoed flute with electric piano groove.

    Flute Funk
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Fire This Engine Up. Aggressive Irish Folk Rock with traditional false beginning and slide solo.

    Fire This Engine Up #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Fink Fank Fonk. Lo-fi tongue in cheek disco groove with digital samples creating a poly-rhythm groove.

    Fink Fank Fonk #2
  • Large orchestra moving slowly through various emotions. Featuring brass, strings and woodwinds. Brass and strings make up this lush old style theme reminiscent of the classic themes used in movies, big-band ballads and instrumental recordings. This track is thick, sophisticated and smooth making it perfect as a theme or underscore that evokes quality and upscale extravagance.

    Final Ascent
  • A full range string arrangement on an old-school synthesizer with a strong classical grandeur.

    Film Strings Analogue
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