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  • A kickin' horn and rhythm section dominates this funky track with a Jazzy Latin flavor. An assortment of mixes can be used for a commercial, theme, or just a kick-butt track for any hip and high-energy situation from a Latin-Jazz band in a Miami club to an underscore for a night out on the town.

    Funky Latin Jazz
  • Dobro guitar leads over walking beat.

    Funky Feat
  • Slow Funk Rock track.

    Funky Em
  • Fun and funky, this track is perfect for a funny duck situation (think AFLAC duck) or maybe a cartoon duck. A whimsical underscore for any amusing or playful spot. The bed mixes are perfect slapstick underscores. If Donald Duck played the clavinet, this would be the result. Quack! Comedy, novelty songs

    Funky Duck
  • Light Western stomp with funny piano adding a surf layer 3/4 in.

    Funhouse Saloon
  • Punchy slow Disco with old-school synth motifs.

    Fun House Party
  • A mid-tempo radio friendly 60s Pop number.

    Friends That You Do
  • A soft Italian band track with accordion and organ.

    Friday At Cuvee
  • A fretless bass leads the way in this Latin-based tune filled with passion and determination. Contains a few percussion breaks.

    Fretless Latino
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Freedom. A short piece set to a slow funk beat over airy guitars and organ. Set to be loop-able.

    Freedom #2 Junia t Remix
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