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  • Typical solo church organ hymn.

  • One piano cadence with accompaniment. Goofy, as advertised. 

    Goofy Pink Piano
  • Agile percussion work brings this jazz poly-rhythm with flute melody to life.

    Good Morning Sunshine
  • A reflective mid-tempo'd melody of acoustic guitars. Alternate version: Going to NYC.

    Going To NYC #2
  • The acoustic guitar brings the boy to the big city where the whole band takes over. Alternate version: Going to NYC #2.

    Going To NYC
  • Surf wipe out groove with electric lead melody. High tension beat and melody with Rumba drum breaks and intensity.

    Gnarly Ride
  • Dramatic floating atmosphere with percussion.

    Global Warning
  • Ready for combat. Drama 80’s-style.

    Gladiator Cop
  • A shortened instrumental version of the vocal song: Girl From Ganemede. Guitar hook line soul groove.

    Girl From Ganemede #2
  • Floating piano, flute, and strings lightly dancing through a dream sequence. Unoffensive spirits flying and pesky little ghosts are floating around. They aren't scary? They're wayward spirits of the friendly kind, who fly around just for fun. A touch of paranormal activity or a spooky, yet fun Halloween story. Cartoon music for friendly ghosts. Magical cinematic fairytale, innocent delightful fantasy, Horror, Halloween Horror

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