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  • Fun and funky, this track is perfect for a funny duck situation (think AFLAC duck) or maybe a cartoon duck. A whimsical underscore for any amusing or playful spot. The bed mixes are perfect slapstick underscores. If Donald Duck played the clavinet, this would be the result. Quack! Comedy, novelty songs

    Funky Duck
  • Strong uptempo minor key groove to support a strong lead guitar melody. Low notes emulating a baritone guitar. Future Surf.

    Astro Bot
  • Flute and trumpet-led traditional Jazz.

    On The Beach And In Love
  • Electronic scales setting a floating notion which gets stronger as it passes.

    Daybreak in Vietnam
  • Random notes and harmonics starts this composition of a solo acoustic guitar as it builds and moves through various passages effortlessly and flawlessly. All mood. Nothing looney about this.

    Looney Tune
  • A kickin' horn and rhythm section dominates this funky track with a Jazzy Latin flavor. An assortment of mixes can be used for a commercial, theme, or just a kick-butt track for any hip and high-energy situation from a Latin-Jazz band in a Miami club to an underscore for a night out on the town.

    Funky Latin Jazz
  • Nothing like a Southern country sax.

    Texas Lullaby
  • 80’s textures and samples meet a 90s anthem with electric guitars hovering above.

    Another Day
  • Uptempo Power Metal with guitar and mandolin motifs.

    Chasing Sound
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: The Coldest Night of the Year. Ambient start to a lonely ballad. Medium tempo groove. Great image of loneliness.

    The Coldest Night of the Year #2
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