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  • An uptempo drum-led groove providing funky fun.

    Happy Cajun Punch
  • A quick 70s-80s rock motif.

    Guitar Surgery
  • Two classical guitars embarking on a tranquil journey. Alternative version: Guitar Duet #1.

    Guitar Duet #2
  • Two classical guitars showing their stuff. Alternate version: Guitar Duet #2.

    Guitar Duet #1
  • Echoed and phlanged guitar playing blues licks and chords.

    Guitar Blues Space
  • A brooding and menacing ambient score with touches of Eastern melodies.

    Groove Table
  • A good-times bass line sets up this acoustic guitar melody. Blissful little moments of life indoors or out.

  • Progressive Rock featuring an electric 12 string.

    Great Eastern Sun
  • Always watch over your shoulder. An intensifying ode to imminent danger.

    Goth Funhouse
  • Ambient Eastern score with a rhythm section at a slower tempo.

    Got Chi?
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