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  • A full Jazz orchestra providing, you guessed it, a scintillating 70s Samba experience.

    Superspecial Samba
  • Come to find the answers? This 80s Acid Jazz piece contains cool percussion fills.

    Monte Carlo Suspense
  • This 80s ballad featuring sax is for the love birds on a love boat.

    Coastal Romance
  • An ambient digital score.

    Test Tube Bubbles
  • A Techno groove for your satisfaction.

    Acid Test
  • A loop-able Dance sound design with guitar licks.

  • A harmonica-based ambient mood track.

    Harps And Echoes
  • A dramatic film score with Persian influences.

  • Happy horns lead this funk beat that includes stops.

    Horn Funk
  • Mid-tempo funky walking beat with stops.

    Slow Funk
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