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  • Uptempo pulsing surf groove with a steady bassline and a melody worth whistling. Strong bridge passage with dynamics.

    Into the Soup
  • Plucked lick with an aggressive tempo and playing. A Dance party has started and everyone's welcome.

    Trippin' Sick
  • Very uptempo and cliché surf riff with creative changes to keep up the excitement. Fun and lively at the same time.

    Bluffer's Park
  • 12 string lead guitar sets the air for this muscular mid-tempo surf beat. Very Mersey beat sounding surf music.

    Raiders of the Surf Stomp
  • Very fast paced straight surf piece. Power melody with a strong rhythm section and beat breaks throughout. Firefly guitar sound.

    Pushin' Too Hard
  • Fast old school surf. Very smooth licks in a classic surf style. Pounding drums and bass keep up the fast pace along a sharp lead guitar.

    Punch Out the Beach
  • Strong uptempo minor key groove to support a strong lead guitar melody. Low notes emulating a baritone guitar. Future Surf.

    Astro Bot
  • Pulsing mid-tempo beat sets the tone for a strong lead guitar melody. A harder edge creating an almost punkabilly surf

    Dawn Patrol
  • Thundering drums and cheesy organ are the foundation for this guitar lead melody. The fuzz guitar gives an edge towards the darker side of surf.

    Fuzzy Love
  • Backbeat dance piece that sets the scene for a beach party. A strong and hummable melody making you want to bounce along.

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