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  • When things are not quite right... FX Blues guitar with unsettling noises.

    Psycho Blues
  • Aggressive pulse spitting out phlanged accents with semi dynamic lows and highs.

    Pulse 19
  • Fast old school surf. Very smooth licks in a classic surf style. Pounding drums and bass keep up the fast pace along a sharp lead guitar.

    Punch Out the Beach
  • Moody/tense beginning to pulsing funny vibes groove.

    Puppet Comes Alive
  • Very fast paced straight surf piece. Power melody with a strong rhythm section and beat breaks throughout. Firefly guitar sound.

    Pushin' Too Hard
  • Things may not be going right for your character as depicted by this flowing guitar motif with strings.

    Pushing Bubbles
  • Power Metal with a dead end.

  • The flute, guitar and percussion bring forth a mid-tempo cheery piece.

    Quiet Snow
  • Playful drum shuffle with accordion. Watch uncle Hershel do his thing.

    Quirky Cajun Shuffle
  • 12 string lead guitar sets the air for this muscular mid-tempo surf beat. Very Mersey beat sounding surf music.

    Raiders of the Surf Stomp
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