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  • TV soundtrack feel from the 60's. Each instrument in the orchestra takes its turn being featured. Very light feel. The style of music we love to hate... the schmaltzy, white bread music of the extremely 'non-offensive' kind that is heard in elevators, department stores, supermarkets and family restaurants. Perfect for a TV or movie scene or parody that calls for this type of generic background music. Comedy, Parody Music

    Elevator Music
  • When the organ beckons...Ever-changing organ pad. Shortened version: Monster Organ (short).

    Monster Organ
  • A velvety Rhodes piano creates the floating no time scene enhanced by a solo soprano sax. Very warm track that has thoughtful overtones and a slight change in vibes as it goes along. Soft ending. Serine and dreamy, this track is a relaxing journey into a musical reverie. You can feel the tension just melt away as the haunting background of a whirly tube and soft electric piano take you there.

  • A ballad piece that evokes what we've all gone through many times in our lives.

    When It Rains #2
  • Groove Hard Rock with dynamic passages and an ambient/marching band conclusion.

    Open Spaces
  • Big dramatic Spanish-influenced Progressive Rock.

  • Very uptempo and cliché surf riff with creative changes to keep up the excitement. Fun and lively at the same time.

    Bluffer's Park
  • A fast Celtic/polka fiddle stomp. Title describes it very well. “1,2,3,4” and “Watch your feet” are heard near the end of the tune.

    Polka Hell
  • A fun, good-time romp through the Caribbean Islands. Steel drums and lots of island percussion make this a perfect track for this genre or a party atmosphere. Sun, fun and Pena Coladas abound. Tropical, Calypso

    Island Hop
  • Going on a melancholic drive.

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