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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: I Can’t Lie. A Midwest uptempo rocker.

    I Can't Lie #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: I Am The Wind. Soft timeless ballad.

    I Am The Wind #2
  • A mid-tempo soul groove with surf guitar.

    Hunting Jesus
  • A high-octane 70s-80s hard rock track.

    Human Behavior
  • A slow soft inspirational ambient composition featuring strings, piano and guitar.

  • Tender theme with gentle acoustic guitars.

    Hot Toddy
  • Asian modality and rhythm offer many fun ingredients, like spicy soup. Bouncy energetic, Boy meets Girl, East meets West in an Asian or ethnic atmosphere. Sweet yet sour - spicy yet mild. Oriental sounds and colors. Great commercial underscore for Asian cooking show, sitcom, romcom, travel. Chinese, Chinese New Age

    Hot & Sour Soup
  • Progressive Groove Rock with dynamic passages.

  • Happy horns lead this funk beat that includes stops.

    Horn Funk
  • A musical rendition of kids playing hopscotch. You can see them throwing the rock and hopping through the squares drawn on the sidewalk. Great for a visual with kids playing, game show music or theme, commercial spot, bug music, cartoon music, opening theme or radio commercial background. Children's

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