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  • Mississippi Walk
  • A loop-able Dance beat.

  • 80s techno walking beat. Don't let the sonics fool you. It means business!

    Urban Commuter
  • You met the girl back in the 70s. Now meet the boy with this rock tune from the era.

    Cinnamon Boy
  • Reluctant acoustic guitar with synth pad loop. Rhythm section starts half-way.

    Sun And Wine
  • Swing you hips to this mid-tempo salsa with electric guitar leads.

    Latino Shuffle
  • Medium tempo Progressive Rock. Can you hear it in the distance?

    A Whisper To The Thunder
  • Hard, high-tempo, Rock beat featuring keyboards backed by stiff rock guitar and riffs. Last chord fades out. Perfect for combat games.

    What Goes Around
  • Give your action video game some great intro cut-scene pizzazz. Uptempo sequencing with strong chord changes providing a synth rock foundation with strength and aggression.

    See You Too
  • This acoustic guitar and string ensemble makes you feel either warm & sweet or sad & lonely.

    Box Of Rain #2
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