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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Nothing's Wrong with the World. Sensitive ballad starting with a soft round of chords then into a heavier version.

    Nothing's Wrong with the World #2
  • If Mozart were to arrange "O Canada," it might sound like this. A woodwind ensemble consisting of English horn, 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, and bassoon. A warm adaptation of this beautiful anthem was written by Calixa Lavallee in 1880.

    O Canada woodwind arrangement
  • A feel-good musical journey to the countryside. Can also be a simple theme depicting a rural, folksy, or mountain area lifestyle. Smooth and pleasant

    Ode to the Outlands
  • Traditional garage rock.

    Off My Mind
  • Backbeat dance piece that sets the scene for a beach party. A strong and hummable melody making you want to bounce along.

  • It’s not a fantasy come true. A slow, hypnotic beat and synthetic percussion with slight Eastern overtones.

    Oh Yeah Dark N Dirty
  • Elizabethan overtone to the grandeur of the previous century.

    Old European Castle
  • Far East drone setting the mood for an acoustic guitar with dancing and bending notes along with chord motifs and harmonics. Very personal sounding.

    Omega Raga
  • Melancholic but light Acid Jazz with easy pulse beat.

    On My Own Again
  • Flute and trumpet-led traditional Jazz.

    On The Beach And In Love
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