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  • Punchy groove with trumpet hook-line.

    Adventures Of Space
  • NYC Funk and soundscape led by drum work.

    Late Nights
  • Funky Acid Jazz with trumpet and organ hooks brandishing in mid-tempo fashion.

    Jazzy Moods
  • Agile percussion work brings this jazz poly-rhythm with flute melody to life.

    Good Morning Sunshine
  • Uptempo synth strut with Acid Jazz soundscape.

    City Car Chase
  • Maybe not all that dangerous...(last words spoken.) This slow electronic walking groove certainly has a chip in its shoulder.

    Dark Mean Beat
  • Punchy slow Disco with old-school synth motifs.

    Fun House Party
  • On the city scene with electronic Funk and soundscape.

    Late Night Club
  • String section loop over strong Funk riff. The title doesn't disappoint. 

    Tense Chase
  • 70s-80s medium Electronica with a funky upbeat groove and simple melody.

    Ups And Downs
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