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  • Piano motif with old school sound designs.

    Nature Lab
  • A world of possibilities presented by orchestrated electronica.

    New Day
  • A short but large ominous soundscape with musical crashes.

  • Feel the winds with the windows down. Jazzy Ska with electric piano and slide acoustic guitar.

    Night Drive
  • Backward soundscape with floating electric guitars and eventual reverse drum groove. Alternate version: Nightmare in Reverse (Sequence Overlay).

    Nightmare in Reverse
  • Alternate version of the original: Nightmare in Reverse. An 80s digital sequencer riff that be overlayed to any track.

    Nightmare in Reverse (Sequence Overlay)
  • After things start off nicely, well... things turn into a nightmare!

    Nightmare Phobia
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: No Clouds. Indie Rock.

    No Clouds #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: No Woman. Slow walking urban percussive beat with organ pad, piano and muttering vocalizations.

    No Woman #2
  • Time to come home. A sad-turn-positive string arrangement with long hanging moods.

    Nossi Theme Orchestral
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