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  • From smiling babies to a box full of puppies – cute things need cute music. Quirky keyboard strut with whistling accompaniment. Very simple toddler composition but would work great in a comedic scene. Dead stop at the end.  This track can also be used as bouncy, feel-good music for almost any positive situation. children's, playful novelty

    Cute Things
  • It’s just before midnight and you’re on the dance floor with one day behind you and another about to begin. Maybe it’s New Year’s Eve or another important day. All you know is that it will be here soon and you’re ready to party it down. Starting with a soft nuance but turning a solid dance beat complete with synth singing. Very uptempo with percussion breaks. Synth speaking pattern in the middle. Fade ending.  This dance track is a fusion of old and new – Pop and Funk. Mixed Rap, Dance, Electro House

    Countdown to Midnight
  • An upbeat, swinging, jazzy track with four horns and rhythm section. Reminiscent of the Paris jazz scene of the 40s and 50s. Could also be used as a background track for a hip or retro visual.

    Chanson du jour
  • Baritone guitar sets the mood for this surf ballad that floats along nicely putting you into a 60's dreamland.

    The Last Ride
  • Soft fake beginning turns into an uptempo surf groove with strong melody and aggressive Rock and Roll combo.

    Alley Oop
  • Very fast-paced surf melody and groove. More light a car race than a surf ride. Staccato melody takes you through the twists and turns.

    Boss Sled
  • Tex-Mex surf style with held-back intensity. The featured electric guitar doesn't miss a note. Nice dynamics and a good ending.

    Middle of the Wave
  • Surf wipe out groove with electric lead melody. High tension beat and melody with Rumba drum breaks and intensity.

    Gnarly Ride
  • Vocal intro to a classic dance craze. Tight band with a tight lick to make it easy to join in on the fun. Good ending. Some vocals midway.

    Wasaga Twist
  • 12 string electric lead with Mersey beat. Good soundtrack for a retro radio show. A light and fun track that sets the innocence.

    Scooter Girl
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