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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Metaphysical. Medium groove with dark sonic soundscape. Dance pulse with rhythm breaks. Contains a 1-2-3-4 vocal count about halfway and "crash" at the wee end.

    Metaphysical #2
  • A slow-tempo Heavy Metal track with softer verses that include tremolo and clean guitars.

  • A slow Hip Hop beat with hypnotizing synthesizer melody, sound bites and organ pads.

  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Middle Finger. Aggressive pulsing beat with breaks and variation.

    Middle Finger #2
  • Tex-Mex surf style with held-back intensity. The featured electric guitar doesn't miss a note. Nice dynamics and a good ending.

    Middle of the Wave
  • Uptempo modern Bebop with trumpet hook-line.

    Midnight Swing Dance
  • Opening with flutes and a choir floating in free time with track gives us a glimmer of hope. An orchestral journey into hope. Starting with a simple vocal line, this track takes you on a 60 second uplifting musical arch that starts subtle and simple – only to swell into a lush peak of strings and choir. Then, the listener is taken back to the starting point – all in 60 seconds. dramatic, contemplative music

    Minute of Hope
  • Funny menacing 70's funk orchestra score.

    Mission Pink Mischief
  • Mississippi Walk
  • Syncopated, aggressive, hypnotic and percussive beat travelling through changes. Next stop is...

    Modern Transit
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