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  • Early British Techno or New Wave. Different era but the sentiments remain the same.

    Surf's In
  • Part Country, part Pop, all 60s electric guitar melody.

    Shadow Memory
  • Soft piano and strings sets up a melancholic and sentimental ballad with the overtones of an Irish setting.

    It's Just the Rain
  • Mid-tempo Country-styled soft small rhythm section surrounded in long string notes and refrain.

    Some Lost Highway
  • This angry guitar over hypnotic track is so angry, even the sythns are angry!

    Real Mad
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: So Close So What. An Indie Rock bit with R&B punch.

    So Close So What #2
  • Steady thumping bass drum with synthetic overtones and morphing synthesizer.

    Bring It
  • Laid back guitars with Eastern flutes and percussion.

    East West
  • Slow spacey flutes and guitars.

    Mystic Chant
  • A musical rendition of kids playing hopscotch. You can see them throwing the rock and hopping through the squares drawn on the sidewalk. Great for a visual with kids playing, game show music or theme, commercial spot, bug music, cartoon music, opening theme or radio commercial background. Children's

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