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  • Pulsing airy hypnotic acoustic and flute melody.

    Love the Earth
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Love Unknown. Lovely acoustic ballad that is lightly orchestrated.

    Love Unknown #2
  • The title says it all.

    Lovely Morning
  • Trippy Grunge Swing groove with melodic synth motifs morphing across the piece.

    Low 'N Angry
  • An alternate version of Low Beat Train Tinkle Tink. A slow industrial drum groove and organ pad with various electronic percussive fills.

    Low Beat Train Alt.
  • Something’s brewing... A slow industrial drum groove with organ pad. Alternate version: Low Beat Train Alt.

    Low Beat Train Tinkle Tink
  • Hip Hop groove with sound bites.

    Low Phat Car
  • Mad

    This mid-tempo track starts to menace from the get-go. Then the electric guitar makes it mad.

  • Synth sequence sets the pace for this modern Jazz piece. Long melodies and punchy percussive bank shots with a soul groove. A very atmospheric track that conveys motion, machinery, growth and general enterprise for a corporate anthem or presentation underscore. Forward-moving and forward-thinking, a perfect musical description of progress, optimism and prosperity with a nice musical arch for that dramatic flare. dramatic, mechanical music

    Making Progress
  • Heavy bonkers. Quick, super fast paced crazy cartoon setting of heavy guitar, drums, bass and sound effects.

    Manic Mouse
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