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  • Start this classic Rock up!

    Little Stonesy
  • Jazz track over percussive African rhythm and fretless bass. Mellow section in the middle and a return to the theme. A log drum starts the rhythm as the rest of the forest joins in with bass flute, bass guitar, soprano sax & an elegant woodsy symphony of percussion. Great for deep forest nature theme, travel montage. With a warm lush undertone, New Age romance, jazzy upbeat playful and fun. rhythmic exciting jazzy, World Fusion, African World Fusion

    Log Rhythms
  •  Slow tempo-ed melancholic reflection.

    Lonesome Traveller
  • Let yourself go on that serene day.

    Long Thoughtful Drive
  • Early 60's Rock and Roll chord changes and simple melody on electric guitar. Reminiscent of beaches and transistor radios

  • Atmospheric and colorful, this track is perfect as a corporate music bed or a cue for traveling, transition, college or trendy commercial. Wide open yet focused with a generic quality that will fit just about anywhere. Corporate, Corp. New Age Electronic

    Looking Forward
  • Random notes and harmonics starts this composition of a solo acoustic guitar as it builds and moves through various passages effortlessly and flawlessly. All mood. Nothing looney about this.

    Looney Tune
  • Somber piano over military style brass and fife orchestra growing large and majestic finishing with a soft ending. A musical elegy to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Melancholic yet optimistic, this orchestral track is positive and uplifting with a perfect musical arch that builds right up to the calm and resolved ending. This track could also be a thematic underscore for a remembrance. Warm and fuzzy. dramatic, calm mellow music

    Lost Heros
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Love and Let Die. Poly-rhythm Dance groove with organ foundation.

    Love & Let Die #2
  • Orchestrated flute melody with hypnotic rhythm and a Western Prairie feel.

    Love On Triton
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