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  • A Hip Hop tune with a slow walking bass line and string groove.

    Sexy Surveillance
  • An uptempo drum-led groove providing funky fun.

    Happy Cajun Punch
  • This tune includes a slow beginning into pulsing groove with a closing stop.

    Playful Detective
  • The piano has the spotlight for this melancholic ballad score.

    Vigil Piano
  • A delicate lullaby sure to put even the angriest of hearts to rest.

    The Other Meadow
  • A confident percussive piano track.

    The Long Drive
  • The guitar serves up a warm Easy Listening song to share.

    Plain and Simple
  • One Sound
  • Back and forth between aggressive and soft.

    Martial Artist
  • A traditional Jazz number.

    Jazzy Femme
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