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  • A quick 70s Bluesy-Rock bit.

    Led Pencil
  • Pleasant melody setting an easy listening journey of a solo acoustic steel stringed guitar. Another timeless melody suited for all periods in history.

    Legit Activity
  • A hybrid Ragtime feel from the 1920's through the 1940's played on a single acoustic guitar. Lighthearted and bouncy composition for a feel good mood.

    Leisurely Stroll
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Let's Go to the Show. A short Vaudeville happy tune.

    Let's Go to the Show #2
  • Mid-tempo radio Rock with spotlight on guitar solo.

    Let's Go
  • Acid Jazz waltz score with some Eastern feel.

    Letter Herds
  • Reminiscent of the early James Bond soundtracks. Smooth music and orchestration fit perfectly with a tuxedo, martini, high-rollers, and espionage. Arranged to fit into a 60-second commercial spot, but can also be used for internet or game music. A great track for a comedic secret agent spoof.

    License to Kill
  • Desolate ambient score with a mechanical heartbeat.

    Life In An Industrial Ruin
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Life’s a Funky Ceili. Dancable Funk Rock

    Life's A Funky Ceili #2
  • An 80s dance synth groove.

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