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  • Are you really? Or are you watching closely? Sidestick band groove.

    Just Thinking
  • The bass pattern starts this heavy slow rock drudge taking heavy steps as it walks through your life and then suddenly stops.

    Just what the Doctor Ordered
  • Quirky trip hop with slide guitar and vocalizations at the 2/3 mark.

    Kensington Cat
  • Just like the 'Men in Black', the Kids in Black need their own theme song too. Perfect theme for the young agents who keep the aliens in line. Fun sneaky beats also have a campy 'alien-sci-fi' flavor. Kids comedy cartoon animation, a Junior Get Smart. 60s ray guns, investigations, kids snooping. Children's

    Kids in Black
  • A menacing orchestral soundtrack building in intensity.

    Killer Score
  • Upbeat urban commercial light beat. Time for the fashion industry...or a science lab!

    Kinetic Euroshopping
  • Straight out of the 80’s funky pop featuring clavinet and guitar with many effects.

    King Of Hearts
  • KK

    A slow dance with the electric guitar solo singing its heart out.

  • Punchy, powerful Progressive Metal.

  • Eastern influenced track with classical Japanese instruments over and bed of strings. Very thoughtful and ethereal mood. A serene tone poem depicting the peaceful city of Kyoto. A simple, elegant melody played by brass prayer bowls expands into an orchestrated musical landscape of peace and tranquility - Japanese style. Divided into 2 parts, roughly 90 sec. each, it can be edited accordingly.  Japanese dramatic

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