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  • Orchestra score (Orchestral Love Melody version 1)  Alternate versions: #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.

    Orchestral Love Melody #1
  • Intro synth pad leading into a soundtrack of strings, organ and synth effects finishing in a soft manner.

    Orchestral Deliverance
  • Groove Hard Rock with dynamic passages and an ambient/marching band conclusion.

    Open Spaces
  • Dark ominous score with a triumphant ending.

  • One Sound
  • Bass provides the drive in this mid-tempo song with keyboard and guitar motifs and sequencing. Finishes with a dead stop.

    One of Those Daze
  • The slide and acoustic guitars will let you just how hot it is.

    On The Porch
  • Typical urban beat lays the foundation for the trumpet melody.

    On The Big Bad Beat
  • Flute and trumpet-led traditional Jazz.

    On The Beach And In Love
  • Melancholic but light Acid Jazz with easy pulse beat.

    On My Own Again
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