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  • Nice light melodic orchestral and piano dream sequence changing modes like thought patterns. All positive. A smooth mix with no peaks or strong melody to get in the way of the narrative, but at the same time providing an inspirational musical atmosphere. Great for instructional or informative voice content - positive and motivational. corporate, corp. New Age electronica

  • Uptempo pulsing surf groove with a steady bassline and a melody worth whistling. Strong bridge passage with dynamics.

    Into the Soup
  • A very dark sinister opening getting uglier as goes along.

    Intro To Hell
  • A traditional piano waltz.

    Irish Meadow
  • Full-tilt Irish folk rock with a quick stop in Spain and a bass solo at the 3/4 mark. The track also features a Bodhran.

    Irish Stew
  • A lovely autumn promenade with the help of mandolin, acoustic guitars and string arrangements.

    Irish Tea
  • A fun, good-time romp through the Caribbean Islands. Steel drums and lots of island percussion make this a perfect track for this genre or a party atmosphere. Sun, fun and Pena Coladas abound. Tropical, Calypso

    Island Hop
  • Let this Reggae groove piece take you away.

    Island Route
  • Hopeful positive piano melody setting a steady pattern to ride on with your thoughts.

    It Will Happen
  • Soft piano and strings sets up a melancholic and sentimental ballad with the overtones of an Irish setting.

    It's Just the Rain
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