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  • This is how you feel when you've had way too much to drink. A comical musical rendition of a stumbling drunk. The instruments play wrong notes and there's an uneasy queasiness - the kind you hear when your head is spinning. Might also be used for a funny dream sequence or circus-like parody.  comedy, novelty songs

  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: The Hat.  80s-90s indie powerpop rock.

    The Hat #2
  • A high-octane 70s-80s hard rock track.

    Human Behavior
  • Free-flowing and lazy acoustic guitar and harmonica.

    Clouds Obscure The Moon
  • String quartet played traditionally over a floating orchestra. Very old school soundtrack. Schmaltzy strings dripping with honey. An old-school TV open for daytime drama, this would also be perfect for a campy or sarcastic movie or commercial cue.

    Harry Martin, Harry Martin
  • Orchestrated flute melody with hypnotic rhythm and a Western Prairie feel.

    Love On Triton
  • Here he comes. Armed with funk horns and organ.

    Ladies Man
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Change. Straight up 80s Rock.

    Change #2
  • Slow 80s-90s radio friendly ambient ballad.

  • Floating orchestral beginning with cellos growing into a more majestic track. Whether you're self-propelled or using a machine, flying is fun. Soaring through the clouds, diving down towards the ground only to pull yourself up at the last moment, climbing even higher. Also a great track for racing, sailing, gliding, riding, running or taking off! Long tail for a custom fade.

    In Flight
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