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  • A slow piece for those cherished or pensive (or both) moments in life.

    Mother's Garden #2
  • A ballad piece that evokes what we've all gone through many times in our lives.

    When It Rains #2
  • Light-hearted Country style swing instrumental with lyrical guitar picking establishes a very 'happy times' tune.

    Caddy Song
  • Whether driving to the market, mowing the lawn, barbecuing, kids on bikes or tending the garden, life in the suburbs is a contented and upbeat existence. This orchestral track illustrates it musically. Lots of comings and goings with some comedic elements that connect the various 'chores'. A busy orchestra from the start with stops and starts, dynamics and grace. The journey to work, daily routines, casual strolling visuals all suit this track.

    Suburban Chores
  • Vigorous classical feel starts the journey with stops and starts, crescendos, rest and more journey that takes the listener through multiple emotions. A full orchestra with a large dynamic ending. A full orchestral heroic theme with a forward-moving rhythm and memorable melody similar to a John Williams science fiction score. Perfect for a military charge or American West theme.  Elegant stately regal orchestral and energizing music. 

    Ride to Glory
  • A velvety Rhodes piano creates the floating no time scene enhanced by a solo soprano sax. Very warm track that has thoughtful overtones and a slight change in vibes as it goes along. Soft ending. Serine and dreamy, this track is a relaxing journey into a musical reverie. You can feel the tension just melt away as the haunting background of a whirly tube and soft electric piano take you there.

  • A dreamy and lush orchestral tone-poem with a hopeful and optimistic flavor. A good fit with inspiring and heartfelt visuals or stories. Also good for relaxation or meditation. Gentle strings start the no time musical journey complimented by flutes. Very soundtrack oriented mood piece that puts a soft colour over any visual. Soft start, middle and ending. Good underscore for religious, faith-based or inspirational subject matter. dramatic, ethereal music

    Peace Please
  • This alternate version of “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” has an Asian flare for all of those adorable images of giant pandas playing around. Asian instruments set the mood for a lovely nursery rhyme tune that skips along. A happy uplifting innocent composition leaving you with a smile. Stop ending. If you need Panda Music – check this out. children's

    Panda Bear Picnic
  • We’re on a musical planet by way of a Jazz trio. An end-of-the-day journey to a very musical place. Enjoy.  A relaxing, chill-out track you might hear in a bistro or speakeasy. A soft piano opening splashed with cymbals and small Jazz combo turning it into a soft swing. An upright bass solo is featured in the middle ending with the piano softly coming to an end.  Chillout Jazz

    Musicus Planitia
  • Inspired by the Game of Thrones opening theme with lead cello, war drums and full orchestra. A moving and heroic track that suggests victorious battles and the quest for power. Large orchestra sets the pace to feature a cello lead melody. A sombre piece that slowly builds but ends with a sombre ending. This could also be used as a sci-fi-fantasy theme or action-adventure scenario. dramatic, energizing music

    Game of Throngs
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