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  • A comical funeral march with tuba.

    I'm Dying
  • 90s industrial-esque anger unleashed by way of drums, guitar, bass and vocalizations.

    I'm Still Mad At You
  • A faster blazing 80’s surfing hard rock guitar solo with full band. A vocal shout out of the title at song’s end.

    I've Got An Elephant
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: I’ve Got Time. Traditional harmonica-led Blues Rock with a wild harmonica solo.

    I've Got Time #2
  • Remember the days of summer when you first heard the music of the ice cream truck? You'd run in and ask Mom for money and rush out to buy ice cream. This song tells that story with the truck's music-box and woodwinds. It's Mozart meets Mr. Softee. Sunny sweet innocent. Children's summertime fun. 

    Ice Cream Truck
  • Floating orchestral beginning with cellos growing into a more majestic track. Whether you're self-propelled or using a machine, flying is fun. Soaring through the clouds, diving down towards the ground only to pull yourself up at the last moment, climbing even higher. Also a great track for racing, sailing, gliding, riding, running or taking off! Long tail for a custom fade.

    In Flight
  • Beautifully simple solo acoustic piano with a contemplative motif that is steady so as to not wake you.

    In My Dreams
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: In My Mind. 70’s pop rock.

    In My Mind #2
  • Slow Rock beat with spacey sounds and bass lead.

    In The Future
  • Punchy 60's Pop intro with clear cutting single-note lead melody. Making all the classic chord changes and movements in a 60's Pop song.

    In the Shadows
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