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  • Uptempo modern-day Western track with half-time feel breaks.

    Two Slides (To Every Story)
  • A Warm Bath
  • Syncopated percussion and strings create an action soundtrack over nice chord changes.

    The Jungle
  • Hopeful positive piano melody setting a steady pattern to ride on with your thoughts.

    It Will Happen
  • The guitar pattern off the top turns into a thick rock groove taking you for a ride with a solo at the end and a dead stop.

    The Hard Way
  • A lovely autumn promenade with the help of mandolin, acoustic guitars and string arrangements.

    Irish Tea
  • Ride 'em cowboy! A 70s-80s dance synth groove.

  • Moody mid-tempo walking beat led by an FX guitar.

    Walking The Hood
  • Slow Rock beat with spacey sounds and bass lead.

    In The Future
  • Speaking introduction sets the tongue-in-cheek tone for a raving surf Punk theme song with group chanting. Upbeat, short and sweet.

    Wasaga Theme
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