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  • Energetic trip hop with percussive engagements. Good high-energy background essential.

  • Chicago boogie with harmonica at a fast beat.

    Shaky Shuffle
  • Part Country, part Pop, all 60s electric guitar melody.

    Shadow Memory
  • A Hip Hop tune with a slow walking bass line and string groove.

    Sexy Surveillance
  • A loop-able Salsa delight.

    Sexy Latina Disco
  • Preparing for a big journey. Orchestral setting with French Horns as the melody is softly going through its motions of nice chord changes.

    Setting Sail
  • MOR 70s-80s Rock.

  • Give your action video game some great intro cut-scene pizzazz. Uptempo sequencing with strong chord changes providing a synth rock foundation with strength and aggression.

    See You Too
  • Intro with seaside sound effects then morphing a lounge ensemble featuring piano.

    Seaside Lounge
  • Scotland Uber Alles
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