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  • From smiling babies to a box full of puppies – cute things need cute music. Quirky keyboard strut with whistling accompaniment. Very simple toddler composition but would work great in a comedic scene. Dead stop at the end.  This track can also be used as bouncy, feel-good music for almost any positive situation. children's, playful novelty

    Cute Things
  • Here comes trouble. Dark Western landscape with full band at halfway.

    Modern Western Epilogue
  • In your face Jazz group with sax leading the way. Alternate version: Big Mike #2.

    Big Mike's In Town
  • An ambient soundtrack fully described in its title.

    Think Nature/Think Zen
  • A 60s guitar tropical melody with full band.

  • A 70s Easy Listening/Dance synth groove.

    Jamaican Popcorn
  • Time to come home. A sad-turn-positive string arrangement with long hanging moods.

    Nossi Theme Orchestral
  • Early British Techno or New Wave and includes wave sound effects.

    Surf's Out
  • A slow effect-laden piano playing a sentimental ballad mood piece.

    Swirly Wurly Theme
  • A hybrid Ragtime feel from the 1920's through the 1940's played on a single acoustic guitar. Lighthearted and bouncy composition for a feel good mood.

    Leisurely Stroll
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