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  • A perfect anthem or theme that presents a hip, modern and soulful musical landscape. A great bed for a video or corporate presentation. Smooth and funky, this composition can be both inconspicuous or used as the main theme. Think of it as a musical skyline that beckons the listener with anticipation.

    Urban Anthem
  • This is how you feel when you've had way too much to drink. A comical musical rendition of a stumbling drunk. The instruments play wrong notes and there's an uneasy queasiness - the kind you hear when your head is spinning. Might also be used for a funny dream sequence or circus-like parody.  comedy, novelty songs

  • As the title suggests, a driving and grinding big band theme reminiscent of the old-style 1920s and 1930's American Burlesque shows. A great music cue for a scene of that period or for a parody comedy scene. Also, a funny commercial showing something being "taken off." Pole dancing, flirty fun sweet, Burlesque Jazz

  • A Japanese children's song about a hungry raccoon who lives in a temple and beats his belly like a drum. An infectious melody that almost every Japanese person knows. Even if you've never heard it before, it sounds familiar. Innocent, fun, and child-like with many different mixes - take a listen.

    Shojoji The Raccoon Song
  • A feel-good musical journey to the countryside. Can also be a simple theme depicting a rural, folksy, or mountain area lifestyle. Smooth and pleasant

    Ode to the Outlands
  • If Mozart were to arrange "O Canada," it might sound like this. A woodwind ensemble consisting of English horn, 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, and bassoon. A warm adaptation of this beautiful anthem was written by Calixa Lavallee in 1880.

    O Canada woodwind arrangement
  • This is the music one would hear emanating from an old-fashioned carousel with children riding wooden horses. This could also be circus music from an old calliope or steam organ. A great track for a commercial, film, or TV comedy involving a circus, children, or amusement park.

    Merry Go Round
  • A kickin' horn and rhythm section dominates this funky track with a Jazzy Latin flavor. An assortment of mixes can be used for a commercial, theme, or just a kick-butt track for any hip and high-energy situation from a Latin-Jazz band in a Miami club to an underscore for a night out on the town.

    Funky Latin Jazz
  • Driving and funky, this theme is perfect for a basketball game opener, TV theme, or commercial spot that needs a funky, hip background. A 'Good Times' theme with a tight Tower of Power horn section and beatbox rhythm that gets your attention.

    Basketball Jam
  • Family fun nights or family fight nights? You decide with this ballad that could apply to both.

    Born (Father Mother Daughter Son) #2
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