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  • Big 80s guitar over a chunky beat. Faster version: Cargo Fast.

    Cargo Slow
  • Big 80s guitar over a chunky beat. Slower version: Cargo Slow.

    Cargo Fast
  • Are you really? Or are you watching closely? Sidestick band groove.

    Just Thinking
  • A quick 70s Bluesy-Rock bit.

    Led Pencil
  • An extract of the Trippy Deep Groove. Serious pulsing beat with swing-straight feel.

    Trippy Deep Groove (short)
  • Scientific wonder with long notes and soundscape. It could be used for eerie purposes as well.

    Morning on Jupiter
  • A quick aggressive 80s motif. Very sports oriented.

    Bad Year
  • Guitar echo short bit. Nothing like a stereotypical fanfare.

  • Extract of the instrumental song: Take Me to the Other Side #2. Ambient chanting with a whisper chant motif of “take me to the other side” over a punchy groove.

    Take Me To The Other Side (short)
  • Electric guitar with effects riffs over a short straight Rock beat with stops and starts.

    Bad Robot
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