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  • TV soundtrack feel from the 60's. Each instrument in the orchestra takes its turn being featured. Very light feel. The style of music we love to hate... the schmaltzy, white bread music of the extremely 'non-offensive' kind that is heard in elevators, department stores, supermarkets and family restaurants. Perfect for a TV or movie scene or parody that calls for this type of generic background music. Comedy, Parody Music

    Elevator Music
  • Film soundtrack emitting nice pleasant soundscapes of orchestrated moods. Very soft and floating. An emotional orchestral track that can represent a number of moods. A universal underscore that invokes feelings, thoughts, wants and desires. Can also be used for any soft background track or for stand-alone classical listening. Great 'love scene' track. Dramatic, Contemplative Music

  • A soft reflective look at the end summer in the early 60's. Electric guitar melody line floating over simple rhythm section. 

    End of the Summer
  • An uptempo loop-able Dance track.

    Energy 101
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: English Rain. Brit poprock.

    English Rain #2
  • 80s synth over techno beat and super-textured guitars.

  • When the robots are alone and start dancing at night.

  • Ambient dark soundscape with no time.

    Even More Sombre Fog
  • Flute and orchestra beginning turning into a modern melodic ballad. A traditional Vietnamese lullaby that has been passed down for generations. A lush orchestral arrangement with soprano sax playing the original melody. A nice underscore for a sleeping baby or romantic interlude. Can also be used for relaxation music for yoga or meditation.

    Evening Song (Ly Chi? Chi?)
  • A sombre traditional melody.

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