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  • From smiling babies to a box full of puppies – cute things need cute music. Quirky keyboard strut with whistling accompaniment. Very simple toddler composition but would work great in a comedic scene. Dead stop at the end.  This track can also be used as bouncy, feel-good music for almost any positive situation. children's, playful novelty

    Cute Things
  • An Electronica action score with aggressive punches.

    Cyber Anime
  • Soundtrack with metallic dark beginning, quiet middle and end.

    Cyber Drunk
  • It’s where it’s at. Roaming around the virtual with attitude.

    Cyber Hood
  • A soundtrack cymbal montage.

  • Spanish-themed Progressive Hard Rock passages.

  • Feeling good vibes from a live R&B rhythm section with horns.

    Dance Around The Room
  • A light percussive modern Jazz groove with sound design floating into fretless bass melody coming to a soft ending. Swirling and atmospheric, this unique track has elements of being played backward, yet has a forward motion with a dance beat. The star of the show is the fretless bass that intertwines within these elements, giving a firm foundation under what can only be described as reverse motion. New Age, Atmospheres

    Dancing Backwards
  • A mid-tempo pulsing beat with ethereal keyboard layers and interspersed distorted bass solos.

    Dancing Tunnel of Light
  • These floating guitars and piano lead the way to create a trance atmosphere.

    Dare To Dream
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