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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Coming Home to Dublin. An Irish anthem led by an Irish flute and fiddle.

    Comin' Home To Dublin #2
  • 80s love on the dance floor pop material.

    Coming Home Again
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Comusication. MOR Waltz-Rock with looping motifs.

    Comusication #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Cool Cool Mondo. Grunge with Eastern overtones.

    Cool Cool Mondo #2
  • Drum and bass groove with flanging track and effects in a low-fi approach. Has a dead stop.

    Corn Dance Space
  • It’s just before midnight and you’re on the dance floor with one day behind you and another about to begin. Maybe it’s New Year’s Eve or another important day. All you know is that it will be here soon and you’re ready to party it down. Starting with a soft nuance but turning a solid dance beat complete with synth singing. Very uptempo with percussion breaks. Synth speaking pattern in the middle. Fade ending.  This dance track is a fusion of old and new – Pop and Funk. Mixed Rap, Dance, Electro House

    Countdown to Midnight
  • Slide Guitar leads this old time hot midday sun country bit.

    Country Holiday Waltz
  • Upbeat and energetic surf groove. Moving fast with a powerful melody keeping the tension up.

    Crazy Mouse
  • Uptempo tension score with pulsing dance rhythm.

    Critical Deadline Pulse
  • Orchestral beginning with percussive bangs. Unsettling.

    Curtains Open
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