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  • Noise fading into a Hard Rock production with synth riffs and includes a dead stop.

    Two Ton Heavy Thing
  • Upbeat positive tune with melodic electric guitar and keyboard motifs. Finishes with a dead stop.

  • A fast-paced punchy syncopated beat softened by a layer of string melody all coming to a dead stop.

  • Mid-tempo Country-styled soft small rhythm section surrounded in long string notes and refrain.

    Some Lost Highway
  • Soft piano and strings sets up a melancholic and sentimental ballad with the overtones of an Irish setting.

    It's Just the Rain
  • Syncopated percussion and strings create an action soundtrack over nice chord changes.

    The Jungle
  • You may not be coming back... Strong low note creates a dark ambient mood with extra sound design and progressing into a Eastern flavor groove. A short background sinister laugh near the end of the track.

  • Adventure or immanent romance? String section floating across minor chords with added piano melody to a very slow swell.

    The Deep
  • Preparing for a big journey. Orchestral setting with French Horns as the melody is softly going through its motions of nice chord changes.

    Setting Sail
  • Acoustic riff sets up a Waltz with a small strings section that leads into harpsichord and grows larger as it rides along.

    A Final Waltz
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