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  • The guitar pattern off the top turns into a thick rock groove taking you for a ride with a solo at the end and a dead stop.

    The Hard Way
  • Futuristic scientific wonderment as the song grows on you and continually changes into different sonic shapes.

    Feel the Fire
  • A small rhythm section backing a sax melody setting a pleasant mood as the evening winds down and everything's alright.

    Today and Always
  • Solo Piano with a light touch moving in a positive direction as it floats along.

    Waiting for You
  • Contemplative Piano piece with nice soft changes moving the pattern along and nicely stops for one last thought.

    The Question
  • Orchestra setting from the start with a slow flute melody. A floating piece with almost no tempo and a light fade.

    The Dream
  • Hopeful positive piano melody setting a steady pattern to ride on with your thoughts.

    It Will Happen
  • Beautifully simple solo acoustic piano with a contemplative motif that is steady so as to not wake you.

    In My Dreams
  • Soft Rhodes Piano sets the mood for this floating composition with a slow-building orchestra and a fade at the end.

    A Taste Of Summer
  • The bass pattern starts this heavy slow rock drudge taking heavy steps as it walks through your life and then suddenly stops.

    Just what the Doctor Ordered
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