GhostsA touch of paranormal activity or a spooky, yet fun Halloween story. Cartoon music for friendly ghosts
The Devil's WaltzA dark and mischievous orchestral waltz that also has a comical element that suggests a bit of fun.
Beware the MonsterCrazy and funny Rock song with double time chorus. Big production. Basically, a children's Rock bit.
Ascension #2Ambient synth beginning into a slow mechanical groove. Very dark, heavy  and intense.
Wasaga ShowdownDark Western surf theme over a minor chord giving the impression of danger is about to happen.
TamerlaneStrong low note creates a dark ambient mood with extra sound design and progressing into a Eastern flavor groove.
Intro to HellA very dark sinister opening getting uglier as goes along.
MonsterHorror, tense and creepy soundtrack.
He's on the Dope #270’s theatre rock with a few mentions of “He’s on the Dope”.
Nightmare in ReverseBackward soundscape with floating electric guitars and eventual reverse drum groove.
Through Sombre FogAmbient dark soundscape evolves into delicate piece.
The JokerPlaying with one card short of deck. I know.
I'm Dying #2A comical funeral march with tuba.
Psycho BluesWhen things are not quite right... FX Blues guitar with unsettling noises.
AwakeningSoundtrack with terrifying start, rising and falling.
Terminus IILow drone with orchestrated string washes fading in and out.
Weapon of Self-Destruction #2Uptempo aggressive synth punk. Countdown vocalization near the 3/4 mark.
Low N AngryTrippy Grunge Swing groove with melodic synth motifs morphing across the piece.
A Final WaltzAcoustic riff sets up a Waltz with a small strings section that leads into harpsichord and grows larger as it rides along.
Just What the Doctor OrderedA Rock drudge taking heavy steps as it walks through your life.
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